Power of positive thinking Open Your Eyes - The Church of Critical Thinking primary objectives, (or prime directives if you prefer), is to educate, open the eyes and unite humanity concerning God, the misrepresentation of our creation by organized Religions, true orgins of Mankind by our solving the missing link debate and the seven inevitable events that Science proclaims will wipe out our species (and all living things) that currently inhabit Planet Earth. This is achieved by promoting critical thought skills that would encourage members to simply think for themselves and draw conclusions of our data based on scientific methodologies that will support our cause and hopefully encourage members to simply spread the word. Complete mission details

Learn the truth of mankind through self discovery  Open Your Eyes - Conceptualize Learn the truth of mankind through self discovery
"To stop suffering, stop greediness. Greediness is a source of suffering." -Buddha

Power of positive thinking Conceptualize - Woah, what a seemingly impressive word! Dictionary Definition: To form a concept or concepts of, and especially to interpret in a conceptual way. Well, that's sounds a little more difficult then it actually is. The reality? It simply means "think about," nothing more, nothing less. Did you ever stop to think and forget to start over again? (bad joke).

Regardless, recent observations reveal that most people don't "think about" situations anymore. It's imperative to actually think about your conclusions once they've been reached to insure they are as rock solid as they can possibly be. Church doctrine

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