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Save Earth 101 - Rid of Fossil Fuels that Legitimize Militarization
Do Away with Religions that do Nothing but Abuse, Confuse or Divide Common People

True religion is that relationship, in accordance with reason and knowledge, which man establishes with the infinite world around him, and which binds his life to that infinity and guides his actions. Leo Tolstoy, 1882
Hey There Truth Seekers, welcome to the Church of Critical Thought.

Ya know, saving the planet or saving the whales is always a nice catch phrase, but it should actually read save the humans. This planet is a tough old lady and we can't do anything to mess her up. She'd spit us out like day old gum.

Is it possible to save these incorrigible homo sapiens? I suppose, and it's surprisingly very simple. We just need to be on the same planetary page, sorta speak. The major task is getting rid of that little trillion dollar import export business, oil something or another. To really grasp the power these SOB's have, rent the "Who Killed The Electric Car" DVD. You'll be shocked and amazed.

Once those oil mongers are out of the picture, we 'll no longer have a use for that other trillion dollar baby, the MIC! military industrial complex. Ya know, the one that Ike warned us about when leaving office.

Make no mistake, the Middle East is about oil, period. That's why kids on both sides are dying. We obviously didn't take heed of that warning. Sorry Ike. With the multi trillions of dollars freed up from the Fossil Fuel collapse, we can actually heal the world and our species.

The Good News - It won't be long. The alternative fuel revolution is upon us and taking off like wild fire. Alternative fuel (alternate fuel), also known as non-conventional fuels, is any material or substance that can be used as a fuel, other than fossil fuels, or conventional fuels of petroleum (oil), coal, propane, and natural gas. The term "alternative fuels" usually refers to a source of which energy is renewable.

In these days of the global village, global warming, economic globalization, environmental destruction, corporations with larger bankrolls than most nations, outbursts of genocidal violence in many areas of the world, rapid species loss, and apparently irrational acts of terrorism, it is little wonder that so many feel helpless and even impotent to influence their world, their countries, or even their immediate communities. Yet many know that they want to have an influence.

Billions of people are so hungry or stressed that they can't think much beyond how to get through the day. Untold millions maybe billions yearn for an end to armed conflict, cessation of ecological deterioration, and a more equal footing upon which to secure the basic needs essential to a life of reasonable well being.

Millions who are in a position do something are too busy to attend to what's happening globally. Most are numb from being constantly bombarded by advertising for interminable trivial purposes. And some wish for the wherewithal to find some way to straighten out the mess that the planet's in.

Love your planet!. The fabulous creativity of our species is matched only by its uncanny potential for stupidity. We produce music, works of art, and words that touch the heart and warm the soul. We have a magnificent capacity for love and altruism. Our ingenuity, drive, and creativity are breathtaking. At the same time, we make and use tools and techniques that destroy individuals, societies, and the environment.

Our advances in technology have not been matched by advances in ethical understanding and our collective behavior threatens the very survival of our species. In response, a huge upwelling of activity and concern has begun to arise - and this Seminar is part of that tide. It's about shifting your perspective to think more about humanity's global predicament, and the role of each individual in it.

Over fifty years ago General Omar Bradley said "Our knowledge of science has clearly outstripped our capacity to control it .... Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants." In the same period the eminent psychologist Abraham Maslow observed that "the ultimate disease of our time is valuelessness . . . This state is more crucially dangerous then ever before in history." On a more hopeful note, however, Maslow added that "something can be done about this by man's own rational efforts."

Only if there is an educated, informed, and alert citizenry can humanity learn from the painful lessons of history and episodic collapses of previous societies. We believe there is such a citizenry, and that we're part of it. . To that we add one of our favorite sayings: "If you're uncomfortable with how things are, it must be your move - it's up to you to change them." "We're stuck in a story of who we are on this earth as human beings, and something in us wants to break free of it."

Recognize YOUR ROLE in The Global Scheme of Things

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Profound technological advances have given certain nations the means to create absolute abundance. But in a society based on personal profit motives these advances are implemented instead to bring greater wealth for the few and greater hardship, suffering and destruction for the many.

A confrontation between the world's rich and the world's poor is gathering momentum. At the same time the precious ecological balance that is a prerequisite to all human, animal and plant life is being callously compromised to a point of no return.

The power to determine the outcome is in our hands. Let us not stand idly by while our rights, our dignity and our very survival are assaulted by a continued policy of more wars, more repression and more exploitation.

Take a moment to recognize your own role in helping to bring about a just society and a community of nations that nurtures the peaceful, equal and full development of all people .

Profound technological advances have given certain nations the means to create absolute abundance. But in a society based on personal profit motives these advances are implemented instead to bring greater wealth for the few and greater hardship, suffering and destruction for the many.

Some Hot Up and Coming Fossil Fuel Alternatives

LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas
It's a mixture of light hydrocarbons, which are gases. LP Gas occurs naturally in crude oil and natural gas production fields and is also produced in the oil refining process. It can be easily liquefied for storage and transportation by an increase in pressure or by a reduction in temperature. Therefore it can be moved around like a liquid, but burned like a gas. Its a lot cleaner burning than petrol too, because it lacks many of the toxic chemicals found in petrol. There are LPG cars commercially available to the public and you can also get your current car converted to take LPG if it is not too old.

LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas
It has a higher energy density than any other fuel available today. LNG also has a higher octane rating, which allows vehicles to run more efficiently. Natural Gas is not a new intervention, but has been around for over 100 years. LNG is a likely fuel for cars in the near future.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Hydrogen is one of the most promising of all the alternative fuels to be the power source of tomorrow for cars. It is easily produced through electrolysis, simply splitting water (H20) into oxygen and hydrogen by using electricity. Most hydrogen is made from natural gas, though. When it's burned, it turns into heat and water vapour, making it the cleanest burning of all the fuels on this page. It is still in the experimental stage, but various German cars companies and some American ones are working on it's development.

Electricity Powered Vehicles
Electric cars are usually powered by batteries that are recharged nightly. Some, which are called hybrids, contain a fuel=cell that uses another form of energy (usually petrol) and converts it into electric power. Electric powered cars are becoming the most popular alternative-fuel vehicles. They are also one of the easiest to find. One thing about them which some people don't realize, is that although they are zero-emission cars, they do relay on power from power-plants. Fossil-fuel powered plants produce much population.

Alcohols - Methanol and Ethanol
are alcohols. Ethanol is usually made from corn or biomass (agricultural biological waste). Methanol can be made from various biomass like wood or from coal. However, today most methanol is made from natural gas, because it is cheaper. Alcohol fuels contain more power, but less energy, in a gallon than petrol. That means that it'll make you're car go faster, but you'll get less MPG.

Fuel Cell Battery
Fuel-cells are batteries that are use fuel sources such as petrol, methanol, hydrogen, or natural gases for power. They convert the energy from that fuel source into electricity that powers the car. About every car manufacturer is working on developing fuel-cell cars at this time. The Honda Insight is a fuel-cell car that is available on the market. It gets around 70 miles per gallon. There is emission, but much less than regular cars.

Hybrid Technology Vehicles
Hybrids are cars that use two fuel sources for energy. Most that are available now are use petrol-electric power. They gets more MPG and produce less pollution than regular cars. Hybrid cars are probably the best thing to buy, so you aren't stuck if one fuel source runs out.

Solar Power - Gimmie Sun of that!
Solar power? No emission or toxic gases, no fuel to buy, just a car covered in solar cells. There's a few problems with it though...no sun, no power. This would suck for peeps in the United Kingdom or Seattle. Some solar-powered cars store energy in a battery cell so you can drive when the sun isn't out. But if the sun doesn't come out for a few days, you're stuck at home.

Bio-Diesel - Go Willie Nelson!
Bio-diesel is a lot like normal diesel fuel, but it's made from plant and animal waste or fat. It's not necessarily a clean burning fuel, but it is made from a renewable resource. In Australia, it's becoming a popular alternative to petrol, but it really hasn't caught on in America yet. Bio-diesel can be used in diesel engine cars, but not normal gasoline engine cars.

newsSo, with the Understanding of Who and What God is, What's Next for Humanity?
Newsflash! Science confirms we humans are all the same! No more killing in the name of a God that does not exist!

Should you now comprehend your true orgins and physical existence as a species, we can move on with definitive answers as to who/what Created us and why the Prophets were part of your evolution, not creation. If you'd prefer to read "tons" more data that reveals your true orgins, Have At It!

Planet X and the Year 2012?

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