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Patriotic Freedom Fighter or Religious Insurgent Terrorist?
( Critical Thought Analysis: What if the Nukes were on the other Foot - What would You Be? )

Gee, Why is Iran Nervous?
With the media hype portraying Iran's quest for nuclear capabilities (and it's evil leader President Ahmadinejad) as the next big threat to Western Civilization, I wonder if they ever thought to think hmmm...

Maybe Iran just wants to Defend Itself?

After all, The USA did invade and now occupies both countries on either side. (Some see a pattern here).

After all, the USA does have multiple bases with Nukes surrounding the region.

After all, the USA is the only country to ever use Nukes.

After all, the USA has proven capable of falsifying infomation to justify war.

After all, The CIA organized the coup in 1953 where Iranian prime minister Mossadeq was replaced with the Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi.

After all, The USA did co-sponsor the 1980-1988 war between Iraq and Iran supplying our then best friend and allie Saddam Hussein, with weapons, training, Intel, logistics etc...

After all, A USA war ship did shoot down a Iranian civilian airliner in 1988 killing over 200 innocent people. ("whoops - sorry it was an accident")

Is Iran Justified for wanting to Protect Itself?

Let's Do A Little Role Reversal

Let's pretend that Iran is the world's dominate nuclear super power, k? They have a large presence in and around North America due to vital interests in the region, mainly their addiction to Cuban Cigars.

Now, back in 2001, several terrorists, mostly from Cuba, Iran's friend and allie, hijacked airliners and flew them into various mosque's killing thousands of innocent people. They do this in protest to Iran's presence and Nuclear weapons in Cuba and surrounding North American regions.

In retaliation, Iran starts an immediate invade search and destroy campaign within Mexico, (not Cuba), where these alledged terrorists allegedly trained. (We see video of them wearing scarfs and playing on monkey bars) The head hancho leader terrorist guy, El Salsa Bin Dippin, is never seen, much less apprehended. (shrug)

As if like clockwork, Iran then Invades Canada because Intel specifically claimed that those sneaky freaky Canucks have WMD's, 'A? This of course, turns out to be a complete farce perpetrated by the Iranian Government. Oops.

Soooooo, Iran now occupies and has military establishments on both sides of the United States. Iran then engage's a world wide media blitz stating that the USA is striving to gain Nuclear capabilities because they are evil and want to rule the world. So once again, Iran psych's up the citizens for war claiming that it's weapons and bombs from the United States that are killing the Iranian troops that liberated Canada.

So, given this scenario, does it make more sense that the USA is seeking Nuclear capacity to conquer and dominate the world?

Or - would it make more sense that the USA...

Wants To Protect Itself Against A Known Invader!

Meanwhile, USA citizens turned "Freedom Fighters" are reportedly sneaking into Canada to help the "Freedom Fighter" movement wage suburban warfare using "any means necessary" in efforts to oust the occupiers and return the land back over to the Canucks.

Of course, Iran does not see them as "Freedom Fighters", they are Christian fundamentalist terrorist insurgents who want to deny the Iranian people their freedom and liberties.

So, My Fellow Americans, Would You Be A Terrorist as Defined by Iran?
Or Would You Be A Freedom Fighter Wanting to Protect Your Family and Homeland?

Does Anyone remember about a year and a half ago when Osama Bin Laden offered a truce? The media covered it for a few hours, then Poof! That was it! All he wanted is the US militray base and Nuclear weapons out of his Holy Land (Saudi Arabia) and this whole Al Qaeda ordeal would be over. (That's always been the objective of Al Qaeda).

Does anyone else think that it should have at least been considered? Maybe run by the American public? Just to see if we had an opinion?

Make No Mistake - It All Boils Down to Religious Ideology

It's fashionable among thinking people to say that religion isn't the real cause of all the wonderful world problems. Religion keeps the groups in hostile camps. Without it, divisions would blur with passing generations; children would adapt to new times, mingle, intermarry, forget ancient wounds. But religion keeps them alien to one another.

Anything that divides people breeds inhumanity. Organized fundamentalist Religion does exactly that. Divide.

Isn't it time we evolve as a species and stop the senseless "primitive tribal crusades" killing in the name of oil and religion?

Now, why on earth should Iran be concerned with that we (the United States) now occupy two countries on their border? It's not like The U.S has a history of doing such things right? Well, except for the following...

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U.S. wars, invasions and interventions in the name of God and Democracy:

North America

Indian wars (1777-1870)
Canada (1775, 1812)
Mexico (1806, 1836, 1844, 1846-48, 66, 76, 1913-7, 1919)

Central America/ Caribbean

Panama (1856, 1885, 1895, 1901-4, 1903-14, 1989-90)
West Indies (1822)
Nicaragua (1853-58, 1867, 94, 98-9, 1909-1933, 1981-90)
Puerto Rico (1898, 1950)
Honduras (1903,7,1911-12,1919,1924-5, 1983-9)
El Salvador (1981-92, 2004)
Guatemala (1920, 1954, 1966-7)
Cuba (1822-5, 1898, 1906-9, 1912-33, 1940-59, 1961)
Dominican Rep. (1916-24, 1961, 1965-6)
Granada (1983-4)
Haiti (1888, 1891, 1914, 1915-1934,1993-5,2004-5)

Latin America

Colombia (1860, 1873, 1901, 1903-14, 2003)
Guyana (1963-4)
Ecuador (coups of 1961, 1963)
Argentina (1833, 1852-3, 1890, coup 1976)
Peru (1835-6)
Uruguay (1855,58, 1947)
Chile (1891, 1963-73, coup 1973)
Brazil (1894, coup 1964)


Tripoli / Libya (1801, 1815, 1981,1986,1989)
Egypt (1882)
Sudan (1998) Liberia (1847, 1971, 1980, 2003)
Angola (1860, 1976-92)
Somalia (1992-95)
Zaire (1967)
Sudan (1998)


Britain (1775-83, 1812-1815)
Germany (1917-18,1941-49)
Austria (1945-55)
France (1798-1800)
Italy (1945-46)
Russia (1918-22)
Spain (1806-1810, 1812-19, 1898)
Greece (1827, 1946-49, coup of 1967)
Yugoslavia (1919, 1992-4, 1999),
Macedonia (1991)


Philippines (1898-1913, 1945, 2002)
Guam (1898)
Samoa (1898-99)
Hawaiian Is (1874, 89, 1893)
Indonesia (coup 1965)


Vietnam (1955-1975)
China (1843, 1854-56, 59, 94-5, 1911-41, 1945-47)
Japan (1853-4, 1941-52)
Afghanistan (1979-89, 1998, 2001-6)
Cambodia (1962-75)
Laos (1962-75)
Korea (1871, 1888, 1894-6, 1945, 1950-53)
Pakistan (2005)

Near/Middle East

Turkey (1922)
Egypt (1956)
Syria (coup1949)
Oman (1970)
Libya (1981)
Iran (1953, 1980, 1987-8)
Lebanon (1958, 1982-4)
Kuwait (1991)
Iraq (1958, 1991, 2003-6)
Yemen (2000, 2002)

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Highlights of US foreign relations:

In 1898 the US defeated Spain in war and "bought" the Philippines for $20 million. It required a decade and a force of 126,000 US troops to crush the Filipino independence movement. Major CIA involvement 1948-54.

The US laid claim to Cuba as early as 1848. De facto annexation took place at the end of the century.

1903 US intervention in Panama secured the region's secession from Colombia and the acquisition by the US of the canal zone. The US Army Corps governed the zone and directed the construction of the canal, 1904-1914.

In concert with Britain, 1953 the US organized the overthrow of an elected government in Iran and installed the dictatorship of the Shah.

In Syria In 1954 the US orchestrated the removal of an elected government.

In 1973 the US destabilised the elected government of Chile and aided the brutal military regime.

The death toll has been achieved by either direct violence (e.g. the firebombing and nuking of Japan or the firebombing of Dresden) or indirect/proxy "low intensity conflict" (e.g. Rwanda in the 90s or Nicaragua in the 80s). (I have not here accounted for the deaths attributable to SAP.) Some extremely conservative estimates-

Native Americans (1776-2002): 4 Million

West Africans (1776-1865): 4 Millon

Philippines (1898-1904): 600K

Germany (1945): 200K

Japan (1945): 900K

China (1945-60): 200K

Greece (1947-49): 100K

Korea (1951-53): 2 Million

Guatemala (1954-2002): 300K

Vietnam (1960-75): 2 Million

Laos (1965-73): 500K

Cambodia (1969-75): 1 Million

Indonesia (1965): 500K

Colombia (1966-2002): 500K

Oman (1970): 10K

Bangladesh (1971): 2 Million

Uganda (1971-1979): 200K

Chile (1973-1990): 20K

East Timor (1975): 200K

Angola (1975-2002): 1.5 Million

Argentina (1976-1979): 30K

Afghanistan (1978-2002): 1 Million

El Salvador (1980-95): 100K

Nicaragua (1980-90): 100K

Mozambique (1981-1988): 1 Million

Turkey (1984-2002): 50K

Rwanda (1990-1996): 1 Million

Iraq (1991-2002): 1 Million

Somalia (1991-1994): 300K

Yugoslavia (1991-2002): 300K

Liberia (1992-2002): 150K

Burundi (1993-1999): 200K

Sudan (1998): 100K

Congo (1998-2002): 3 Million

Whaddya Say Yanks! Should We Try and Ditch This Reputation?


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