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Quantum Physics and Mechanics Reveal your Inner God?
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How does moder science and God get along? To be clear, I'm not a mathematic academic, (I'm really a high school drop out), but most aspects of the quantum realm seems to make perfect sense to me. I remember how easy it was for me in high school to ace those calculus or algebra tests. (though I never did as being an average student was my only goal) But I could have!

Funny thing, I only opened my books and pretended to pay attention while sitting in class while teacher went over equations. I would put my elbow on the table and my hand over my forehead as if I were really concentrating (ZzzZZzZzz). Made for a great nap!

I've always had some uncanny sense regarding numbers and knew that they ruled supreme over everything in the Universe. I just can't interpret my own calulations to formulate equations on my "mathematical instincts" so they can be understood, thus, be verified - Just a matter of grabbing a book and studying the symbolism but who's got time for that!

Regardless, there are some things I do know to be absolute, even in the sup-atomic particle world. One of which is how the lightest atomic weight known, (can't remember the tech name - quark or quill?) basically just one electron and one proton (we're talking really small here) that makes up everything else in our bodies do indeed act or react as a direct result of our thoughts, attitudes, emotions etc...

To get the gist of this, rent the now cult classic "what the Bleep do we know". The flick tells us that life as we know it is really much more subjective than we generally think and puts forth the question, who 's responsible for everthing in our life, and the direction we're going, and ultimate outcome? (something like that). This of course leaves the viewer with the obvious answer in lap.

It touches on the principle ideas of quantum thingies, but sadly, really goes astray when they try and define/combine physics with "new age" spirtitualism. That part was almost insulting as it then seemed as some sort of "recruitment" propaganda film. But for getting someone interested in the world of Physics, it does well. You just can't take what is being told you with any seriousness. How does moder science and God get along?

The only part that I would totally concur with is that individually, we can help control and eventually dictate our own mental psychological state of mind by constant positive affirmation. Of course the opposite is true as well.

Peptides manufactured in the brain stimulates a bodily reaction to an emotion or state of mind resulting in a new perspective to old adages such as "think positively" and "be careful what you wish for." The brain then wires together via neurotransmitters, the vast neuronetworks from these peptide charges on an atomic scale --- It could be a dominant positive or negative group of cells that in network.

Would you rather get more positive, or more negative clumps of neuronetworks mapping through your brain? You keep the positives coming, and your life will indeed follow suit. You keep the negatives coming, well, there's tons of drugs on the market that can treat those depresssed tendencies.

But Trust Me A little positive meditation or "inward praying" if you prefer, and you won't ever need those "happy go lucky" or "I feel nothing and I like it" type pills, ever.

Now, some may argue that a good frame of mind has nothing to do fundamentally, with quantum physics. I would completely disagree. Since it is of a molecular scale in which we speak, it has to be the foundation for what takes place in the human physiology and psychology that makes it work. Therein lay my foundation for the all powerful "Inner God" concept and how we relate to everything else in the cosmo's on a sub-atomic level.

Albert is thinking At the very least, it's a possiblity, yeah? If indeed quantum physics, succintly speaking, is a physics of possibilities. Then there ya go! Our belief about who we are and what is real are not simply observations, but rather form ourselves as individuals and the realities we live in day by day. If that belief was turned concrete, there'd be no stopping us.

There's tons of data out there, so be careful, don't let biased stand in your way, and it will try. Take our critical thinking tutorial before delving into such a world.

Basically, when presented with ideas, one should listen to what the message is, weigh the supporting evidence and come to a conclusion in a pragmatic, peaceful (without pride) and scientific fashion. Doing it like this helps keep one's self open minded and in a state of ever-ready growth.

Quantum mechanics, which deals with small systems and quantum effects , is one of the most successful theories in all of science. It also tells us some really wacky things about the fundamental nature of the world. For all practical purposes, physicists can and do ignore the bizarre implications of the theory and use the equations of quantum mechanics to understand atoms and stars and to create the marvels of modern technology, from computers to flat-screen televisions. But the strangeness of quantum theory remains an enigma at the heart of modern physics.

Doh? What the Bleep address's Quantum mechanics is well. This (I think) Japanese physist set outs containers of water with various labels he sticks to the bottom of them . For instance:"love and appreciation", or "You Make Me Sick, I Will Kill You", etc. He then photograph's their structure through a microscope the next day.

Hmmmmm The photos revealed structures amazingly related to the labels. For example, "love and appreciation" had a beautiful "pure snowflake" type form while "You Make Me Sick, I Will Kill You" had an ugly disjointed appearance. It seems he also did "experiments" with names like "Adolf Hitler" and "Mother Teresa", as well as labels with the same terms in various languages.

The "Adolf Hitler" ice picture appears like a messed up drawing of the globe, representing global conquest. The "Mother Teresa" photo is alot more pleasing to the eye, for sure. "Thank you" in English and its translation "Arigato" in Japanese both look snowflake-like but slightly different.

The point, I suppose, was that if that little vibe from a lable can have such a profound physical affect, imagine what it could do for us? Ya know, since our bodies are mostly H20 (water).

I've actually meant to research how many of these types of experiments have been repeated as it's a fascinating concept.

It's a far and nefarious leap from discussing subatomic particles to alternate universes and cosmic forces, but that's where Quantum research is leading. And those microscopes get more intense almost monthly. (Like everything in this sub-micro chip world)

The "laws" of physics are actually just theories explaining observable phenomena, so when we're talking about the laws of physics, we're describing theories that stay true for all observable phenomenaI. I think it's those very laws that will lead us to a conclusion that human beings could be an all powerful God, and solve all world problems if we could only ride that same endless summer kind of Quantum wave in harmony.

Keeping you entertained I found a script of the film, here's the grabbing pinch in the begging of the flick:

"Have you ever thought about what thoughts are made of?"

"Every age, every generation has its built preconceptions: that the world is flat, that the world is round, etc. There're a hidden things, things we take for granted, that may or not be true. Of course, in their vast majority, historically, these things aren't true. So, presumably, if history is any guide, much of what we take for granted about the world, simply isn't true. But we're locked into these precepts, not even knowing it, often. That's a paradox"

"Modern materialism strips people of the need to feel responsible. And often enough so does religion. But I think that if you take quantum mechanics seriously, it puts the responsibility square in your lap, and it doesn't give answers that are clear-cut and comforting. It says: yes, the world is a very big place, it's very mysterious, mechanism is not the answer, but I'm not gonna tell you what the answer is; because you're old enough to decide for yourselves."

"Asking yourselves these deeper questions, what pops up is a new way of seeing the world, it brings in a breath of fresh air, it makes life more joyful. The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but be in the mystery."

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