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Who Were the Prophets of Orginal Religion?
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Who Were the Prophets? In modern religion, a prophet (or fem prophetess) is a person who has directly encountered the numinous and serves as an intermediary with man for the divine. Prophets existed in many ancient cultures, including the Sybilline and Delphic Oracles in Ancient Greece, the Völuspá in Old Norse, Zoroaster in Persia, and many others. In Abrahamic religion, a prophet is seen as a person who has encountered, and speaks as a formal representative of, God; they are seen to found a new religion based on their teachings from God.

Our Definition of Prophet? Basically, the same as above, but our Prophets founded the original religion (Just be kind!), based on teachings of the Annunaki, (Sumerian translation: Those who from Heaven to Earth). For a better understanding, check out our meet your creator page. These are the Gods of Sumeria, the cradle of Western civilization, and the Maya, the cradle of Eastern civilization.

These Prophets were actually Demi Gods. Meaning they're half homo sapien and half Annunaki. They didn't actually perform miracles, but had access to advance technology (much like ours today) provided by the Annuk's. This of course would be interpreted as miracles by a non-tech culture.

Prophet of Christianity Jesus, a hippie from the Israeli/Arab city of Nazareth became the most popular thanks to a Roman emperor who after much debate for political purpose's, declared him completely devine. He then became the front man for the Roman Catholic Church which of course disregarded his orginal teachings and used his name for absolute rule and taxation. (Research Christian Roman Emperor Constantine the Roman Court of Nicea)

Prophets of Islam The Qur'an identifies a number of men as Prophets of Islam. Muslims believe such individuals were assigned a special mission by God (Allah) to guide humanity. Besides Muhammad, this includes other Abrahamic prophets such as Moses and Jesus.

It's said that were many of these Demi-God Prophet's but the best known would be Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Zoroaster, Krishna, and Buddha.

Their mission, sorta speak, was a last attempt by the Annunaki (who come back every 2000 years or so) to install civilized values to our still very primitive thinking species. (That damn Neanderthal gene). Now, that said, this was all around 2000 years ago so does this mean the Annunaki are coming back soon? Yep, see our 2012 alert for details. (and proof)

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