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Uniting Humanity with Logic and Reasoning - What Is the Missing Link?
Missing Link Homo Sapien Timeline - Human Origins Evolution versus Creationism Debate

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How can I exist without any fossil record? The Missing Link enigma derives from the fact that NO trace of Homo Sapiens (modern man) can be found beyond 80-100 years ago. As if modern man just "Poof - Presto", appeared from nowhere amidst a thousand shards of stardust. This dubious mystery leading to mankind's most puzzling scientific question: Who are We, and Where did We come from?

Science can only conclude until evidence says otherwise, that homo sapiens did not exist until at least 100k years ago which is a scientific "evolutionary" impossibility.

This of course creates a hole in evolution theory which creationists will pounce accordingly. The fact that science is able to prove the existence of most other life forms tosses le dagger direct center of creation ideology. (Ya know, the one stating everything was made in under a week around 6-12 thousand years ago and God put dinosaur fossiles in the ground to test our faith.) *blink*

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Newsflash! Evolutionist and Creationists Both Half Correct! Room for Compromise and Understanding!

As illustrated above, we have thousands of animals and Homo Erectus species documented in the 5 million year time span but no trace of humans were ever found.

Fact - DNA proves that Homo Erectus ( hominin genus subfamily Homininae) are direct descendants of Australopithecus (early hominins) which evolved from Sahelanthropus tchadensis, a fossil ape originally classified as the oldest possible member of the human family tree, but more recently as a Miocene ape related to humans and other living African apes, that is thought to have lived approximately 7 million years ago.

Fact - DNA proves we (homo sapiens) are NOT descendants of apes, homo erectus or any other species on record - we are a completely different species that inexplicably came out of nowhere. There is however, evidence that we somehow share DNA with Neanderthal. The reason for this is because, well, we do.

Until recently, mainstream science had trouble with this scenario for obvious reasons. Try researching "hybrid Neanderthal skeleton found in Portugal" for a new perspective.

(Since the DNA link has been proven, scientists conclude that we (Homo-Sap) simply must have been 'doing it' with those hot to trot Neanderthals) ** Grimace** "Um, hey honey, you're a good homo type human female I reckon, but I'm gonna go shower romance upon that swinging little gruntin' knuckle dragging Neanderthal winch that moved in a couple caves down" ?? Hmmm

According to modern evolutionary theory, all populations of organisms are in transition. Therefore, a "transitional form" is a human construct that vividly represents a particular evolutionary stage, as recognized in hindsight.

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