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Missing Link Debate Solved! Uniting Humanity with Logic and Reasoning
Missing Link Homo Sapien Timeline - Human Orgins Evolution versus Creationism Debate

news The Timeline Below is not conjecture, a theory, or hypothsis. Most of all, It's Not A Myth! It's the true orgins and history of Homo Sapiens as told by our actual creators to the Sumerians which painstakingly wrote down in very precise detail. (Actually, they "chiseled in" cuneiform script onto clay tablets )

Lucky for us, the Catholic Church didn't destroy these ancient texts because they could not find and/or decipher them. The timeline coincides perfectly to the missing link giving us ancient verified text that corroborates modern geological and scientific time frames. This is a huge discovery, people.

QUESTION: What makes the Sumerians an authority on reality versus mythology?
The Sumerians adapted the first great civilized culture 6,000 years ago spawning the Bablylonians, Persians, Assyrians, Greeks, Roman and Egyptian civilizations. Basically all of Western civilization.

They methodically wrote and archived on hundreds of cuneiform scripts that knowledge of advanced medicine, technology, mathematics, astronomy, advanced architecture, craftmanship and the ways of civilized society was bestowed upon them by the Anunnaki (Biblical translation: those who from heaven to earth came).

cool facts The Mayan empire, the other very advanced Eastern civilization in the Americas spawning Inca's, Aztecs etc, attributed all astute knowledge to the Star Gods - Quetzalcoatlas. And, within the same time frames! The real jaw dropper? The Maya described their God's (and creators) exactly as the Sumerians depicted the Anunnaki. These two cultures did NOT know the other Exsisted!

The amazing Maya Calendar which is more accurate then the current gregorian is a crucial component for our 2012 Event prediction.

QUESTION: Is it possible for an advanced species to actually create a new species using their DNA?
Of course! We can do it now! We've mapped the Human Genome, it's a done deal. Chances are you had genetically altered Salmon or Chicken for dinner last week. I had seedless tangerines this morning thanks to DNA manipulation. We can make babies in test tubes out of petri dishes, clone every living thing, cure a disease with a stem cell. Rather God like, huh?

The elucidation of the Anunnaki alien presence explains the presence of ooparts, and the enigma concerning "sudden" overnight civilizations. Research the antikythera device for a freaky start. It also explains our non-standard evolutionary progress and unique _but similiar_ gene code. Finally, we can resolve the creationist - evolutionary conflict for good. Maybe move on to more valid concerns?

The understanding of our bicameral Neanderthal and Anunnaki genetic heritage for pragmatic purposes also explain why human beings have four thousand plus genetic diseases due to imperfections in the genetic synthesis. All other species on this planet have a couple or none.

Historic time table map of world history

So as it stands today! Current organized religions would have us believe that 4000 years of documented Demi-God rule as depicted above didn't actually happen. Just a myth, how would they know? This was millennium's before Constantine invented and defined Christianity. (Research Roman court of Nicea).

We have countless statues, paintings, petrographs, petroglyphs, magnificent temples and monuments from antiquity still standing to this day paying homage to all these "mythical" Gods and Goddess's. I've personally traveled the globe and have seen many up front and personal. I've taught myself three ancient languages leaving little room error.

Sorry my Christian brudders and sistas, but Science rules firm on this one. Ample non contested evidence confirms that these Gods and Goddess's were real, living and walking among us just as all ancient cultures claim. The bloodlines still exsist. Take a trip to Greece and check out perhaps the Pantheon on Acropolis. Quite a feat for that era - built for mythical Gods that didn't exsist? Are you sure?

It would certainly help the modern church's case if they could produce 'just a liitle' evidence of their "biblical take on things". However, evidence can never be produced of something that simply does not exsist. Oh, it can be manufactured, for sure. Remember that whole "Jesus Shroud" thing. Damn that pesky science for shooting that little fraud attempt down in non-verifiable flames. I do hear that they are going to find the Ark Noah built any day now. That would certainly help the 'pay as you go' organized religion's claim. Any day now.

Current Religion is the Myth! Ancient Mythology is the Truth and YOUR Reality!

newsSo, with the Solving of Our Missing Link Ancestry, What's Next for Humanity?
Newsflash! Science confirms we humans are all the same! No more killing in the name of a God that does not exist!

Should you now comprehend your true orgins and physical existence as a species, we can move on with definitive answers as to who/what God really is and why the Prophets were part of your evolution, not creation. If you'd prefer to read "tons" more data that reveals your true orgins, Have At It!

Planet X and the Year 2012?

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