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quick update Ok then, most emails contain inquiries regarding who I really am, what are my credentials, la de da de da... Not wishing to be viewed as aloof, I've compiled a bio to appease curiosities: Bio of Grand Pastor PooBah . Also, lots of requests for use of content. Everything within this site is considered public domain and may be freely bla bla as anyone sees fit. If it's legality concerns, I have a disclaimer on my Baby Bang Origin of the Universe page that may be cited or referenced.

You People are Simply Amazing! We Are Truly Humbled

Not launched but a few years and we now have over 2 million email souls in our database!
Check out my blog post for more comments on this unexpected phenomenon.

So Sorry we can't reply to all of your supportive and suggestion emails! Especially at 5 to 8 thousand a day!
We'll try to address or respond to issues via a weekly blog update. Thanks for your understanding!

We're Working on a Message Forum for Comments and Debates!
We've had many inquiries about adding a forum so we're developing one just for you!
We'll contact you when it's complete. Thanks again for all your wonderful comments and Ideas!
Behave - PB

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