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Change ignorant thinking with knowledgeDealing with Predjudice is just a spark of the bigger problem which is in part, people being ignorant of events or situations. Ignorance is also the state of being ignorant or uninformed.

Thus, Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. Now that we are currently living in the information age should hopefully quickly remedy the situation. We need to move on people! It's the ignorance that breeds the fear causing predjudices of different Ideologies.

Prejudice is, as the name implies, the process of "pre-judging" something. It implies coming to a judgment on a subject before learning where the preponderance of evidence actually lies, or forming a judgment without direct experience. Holding a politically unpopular view is not in itself prejudice, and politically popular views are not necessarily free of prejudice

When applied to social groups, prejudice generally refers to existing biases toward the members of such groups, often based on social stereotypes; and at its most extreme, results in groups being denied benefits and rights unjustly or, conversely, unfairly showing unwarranted favor towards others. Mostly just prejudging and thinking that everyone of that race is bad.

With a little critical thinking as a guide, ignorance can be easily defeated these days. What chips away at the ignorant mind until it's no longer bliss? Knowledge! And ain't we lucky to have the knowledge of the world at our finger tips!

Change ignorant thinking with knowledge Once ignorance is a "mindset" of the past, the fear causing prejudice of other things, places, people slowly disipates leading the way to mutual understanding a unity.

For instance, if your prejudice is skin color, a little insight is all one might need to overcome it. If you happen to be white and think black folks ar12 Doomsday? | Certain Doomsday

If you and your fair skinned wife were to move to say, North Africa next week, do you think bringing some sun block might be appropraite? Uh-huh. Now let's say you have several children that don't always utilize the UV-p45 super sun screen. Living in that environment would make those kids have a nice tan most of thier lives huh?

Now, say 100 generations later, your great great...bla grandchildren will be born with darker and darker skin color as time evolves. So ya see?

Skin color is just a result of pigments and psysilogy to help adapt to living conditions.

Your family tree has roots in hot sunny climates, you get darker brown skin.

Your family tree has roots in a cloudy, foggy rainy climate, you end up with not so dark skin. And hey, I live at the beach and see what what people will do to get a "golden brown" tan every summer, so WTF are we still having issues of race color?

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Organized Religion is, at its very core, the epitome of ignorance. Hate to say it, but true. I watch CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) type shows for the amazment value of the morbidly fascinating scams these guys keep pulling off. The other night they were pushing a little bottle of Holy water that will change your life for ever! Free, with your kind gift of 25.00 dollars or more! They had testimonials and everything!

I about fell out of my seat. Could not believe these guys are pulling this off, and doing it Tax free! Preying on the hopes of kind hearted people who are on the last legs of something - talking them into paying for water that will change life into little dream come trues and miracles of faith. Yeah, as they drive off in their Bentley's and thousand dollar suits.

Religion orginally made up spirits to explain phenomenon and then burns those who disagree with the spirits -- the ghosts, the magic, the supernatural, the gods, the daemons, the sucubi, the incubi, the serpents, the devils. Tyranny and vice would reign over the numerous theocracies that developed over the globe. Galileo would question what the religious men claimed; as would Giordano Bruno who gave his life for his beliefs, burned at the stake for questioning authority.

Magellan's voyage would make it all the way around the world. These men proved incalculable times that the church, the Bible, and religion is indeed fallible! Lightning is not the work of Allah -- it is the work of positive and negative electrons. There are occurrences in this Universe and they are natural and explainable.

Men of science will not have this crutch of superstition and dogma. If you believe that the rainbow is a physical reaction that can be produced in a laboratory, then you have come one step ahead of your ancestors. If you believe that the rainbow is an actual, living sign of god, then you are looking to the past, of the times when men were barbarians and uncivilized in every respect.

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Magellan proved that the Bible and that Christianity were both fallible. (Isaiah 40:22 clearly calls the world a circle; a circle is flat -- a sphere is round.) By what construct were men and women asked to believe in these dogmas? What linked believer to belief of religion? The answer is faith. By faith people believed the world was flat, that the rainbow was a sign of god, that fire was brought to us by the god Prometheus!

But religion provides no real answers. It will excuse the existence of the Universe with "God made it, because everything must be made." If this is true, then who made god? It would be much simpler to say that no god made us, than to postulate that one god made the Universe, and then one god made him, and then a god to him, assigning an infinite number of gods, all creating each other.

What can be said of today's religious questions? People are still asking, "Where did the Universe come from?" and preachers are still saying, "God made it." Without any validity or evidence or reasoning, a few select will still purport that man was actually made from a rib bone, that the world is truly only 6,000 years old, that the creation of the Universe took only 6 days.

As people still believe that -- in some way -- we got here by the powers of a god, of the unseen, scientist labor in observatories and laboratories, searching for the causes of our existence, the reasons that we really exist today.

They study the quarks, the fission of atoms, the plasma, the background microwave radiation, the Red Shift, among other things. In their shadows are the images of Magellan and Copernicus, and in the shadows of the priests and reverends are the images of the Pope and the Inquisition, as they belittled and attacked science.

World religions, religious beliefs and faith. Anyone interested in learning more about world religions can enlist the Internet for materials regarding such forms of faiths as Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Most sites act as virtual directories that list links to a broad range of resources on several religions, cults, sects, and other religious movements and organizations. Among the online data displayed on each form of religion are historical overviews and descriptions of liturgies, memberships, basic tenets, and worship activities

As tensions mount in the Middle East, (ok, they're always mounting) I am reminded that problems fundamentally rooted in beliefs will not and cannot be solved militarily. Each group and/or country believes they are on the "right" path, and therefore they believe their actions are justified. These conflicts are fundamentally rooted in belief systems and something that deals with them directly will be the channel for growth. But? How can that be done?

How do you deal with people?s beliefs? Do you change one side's beliefs to match the other? Do you prove one side wrong and the other right? How long could that take and how do you even go about doing that? Can you reason with one side and reach a compromise? Is that really a solution?

The only solution that comes to mind is transcendence or internal meditated collective thought. To transcend means to "go beyond," and human beings do this everyday. Our beliefs change from day to day. Sometimes they change slowly and sometimes all at once. If you believe your people are the "chosen people" or your land is the "chosen land", so be it. In time, however, those beliefs will grow, move, shift and transform themselves into something that reflects you as a human being in the current time. My answer is transcendence. While most change their beliefs unconsciously (and in worse cases deny their beliefs have changed), it is imperative we take up the habit of doing so consciously.

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Just because the earth stopped being the center of the universe (as was originally assumed from the bible), that didn't mean that god didn't exist. Our beliefs can adapt and have adapted to modern conflicts and the Internet era. The existence of dinosaurs doesn't stop people from going to church. Faith adapts, adjusts, and, (I'm sorry if you are shocked) evolves.

It is time for us transcend consciously. We will grow as a human species and will continue to grow if we realize there's more to life than what we believe. In recent times, more people have incorporated other concepts and beliefs from various different religions into their faith system than in any other period in our young planet's history. This is a healthy process and reflects a new era of thought. A new era of growth.

I think that the most important thing to learn about the "Glass-half-empty/Glass-half-full" analogy is not that you can chose to see the positive or the negative in any given situation, but that you can have two seemingly contradictory truths harmoniously correct. It's not "one or the other", but both. And you can only come to that perspective if you transcend your beliefs by understanding the other point (or points) of view.

One thing is for sure: A problem rooted in the belief systems of the parties involved will not be solved economically, politically, socially or militarily. These measures will at best cause a delay in the next stage of conflict. They will never "cure" the illness; They will just lower the symptoms.

I know that things will change because that is the ultimate constant. Like kids fighting over toys, the fights will eventually end, and not because there is a winner, but because we will finally grow up.

In the realm of philosophy, much like in the realm of science, it is important that we value the method that we reach our conclusions. What often separates different philosophies is how they approach questions. A different philosophy will start out with different premises, before building upon those premises, and then -- ultimately -- applying them to the real world (sometimes referred to as "Applied Ethics" when dealing with morality).

Often times, though, while one philosophy may start out with a premise and another with a different premise, or a "given," they will most likely use the same or similar methods for approaching their questions. "What is the meaning of life?" is an ancient philosophy question. "How do the organs in animals work to ensure the survival of the creature?" is a biology question. Both can be approached with the same method of answering a question.

Change ignorant thinking with knowledge

Critical thinking is to think actively with an awareness of potential conflicts within the information you encounter from the Internet, television, news media, radio, print or any other source. 'Critical thinking' and 'critical analysis' are terms which are consistently used by academics in explanations of what is required by students in their university work as well as feedback about what is lacking in student assignments.

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