Empowering people to have faith in themselves through the one true religion with a foundation of scientific principles that make sense and can be verified with critical thinking skills

The Official Doctrine for the Church of Critical Thinking Fellowship
( All the Morals, Values and Benefits of Religion without Gibberish, Hypocrisy or Division)

If thou knowest thine own self, thou knowest God.-  Ibn-Al-Arabi - Muslim mystic and philosopher. Note from PooBah: We hope certain portions of this site aren't misinterpreted as a "religion bashing" parody. We're not out to make fun of or ridicule the followers of ANY religion, especially Islam and Christians. The exact opposite it true.

Our only goal is to embrace you, enlighten you with facts, then have you embrace one another. The time for spilling blood in the name of -- INSERT Ideology HERE--, must come to an end. We'll show why this unity needs to take place, and soon.

We would ask that all newcomers be willing to consider themselves a citizen of the Planet Earth, secondary to your citizenship birthplace orgin. This is all we ask.

Therefore, if your skin is dark, light, purple or fuchsia, your sexual preferences don't include children, you believe in nothing or everything at all, We Welcome You!

Love is the free
1. Be Kind - Show Kindness - um, Be Kind!
  • Be Kind to Yourself both Mentally and Physically

  • Be Kind to Others both Loved Ones and Strangers

  • Be Kind to Other Living Things and the Planet that Provides You Sustenance

  • Be Kind In Every Aspect of Your Life and it Shall be Returned
There ya have it! Not to difficult to grasp now, is it. Treating others as you'd like to be treated, or Ethics of Reciprocity is based on the orginal teachings of Christ, Muhammad, Abraham, Buddha and all the other Prophets, (Demi-Gods), with the task of trying to civilize our cro magnum thinking ass's. Basically, Seek balance and harmony with all that you do, and obtain as much knowledge as possible and you should end up with a fullfilling life and your own personal sense of enlightment. Tips on being a positive critical thinking here.

2. Daily Random Acts

Power of Zen Ok kids, this is an important one so pay attention. I'm sure you've seen the bumper stickers with this little tag upon it. But did you know that if you actually go out of your way just a couple three times a day to practice those random acts of kindness it could change your life and perhaps the course of humanity?

It takes so little time and effort but the rewards are outstanding. We really need to start connecting with each other, and on a global scale.

We need to start now and we need to be consistent. If you have read the 2012 pages you already know why. If you have not, I suggest you go there after reading through our critical thinking workshop. This should wake you up to the urgency of our situation. To read all about implementing our Random Acts of Kindness suggestion, go here.

3. Faith Expectations
You might have noticed our cute little slogan, No Faith Required!. Well, truth of the matter is, we're a very sincere faith based organization and we expect our parishioners to try and implement that faith in every aspect of life. The only difference between the CCT and other faith based religions is the focal point of that faith.

While others are told to have faith in some charming yet ridiculous fairy tale of some enigmatic bearded yet spiritual supreme being with his crib in the clouds creating everything we know in about a weekand the that allegedly created them, - wink wink -, we merely ask that you have faith in yourself as a supreme individual being. We'd also request you keep faith in your fellow species in that we'll eventually overcome all the insanity that divides us to unite as citizens of planet earth.

4. Our Belief System
To believe in the power of Individual self as well as a wonderfully unique, yet still a tad primitive species.

5. Pray Upward? Try Inward!

Power of Humanity united If you say prayers up to something that's not actually listening because there's nothing actually there, you're inducing a negative energy - or (chi-flow, karmic vibe, life aura) that can actually deter and negate your request.

Try saying your prayers to the innermost sub-atomic atoms and cells that make up your conscious and physical being. Quantum physics is now on the road to backing that statement up! The atoms that make your brain and body function as one reflect and react to mental emotions and moods.

Try it! You'll be amazed at what a little transcendence or internal meditated collective thought could do for our planet and all the life aboard her.. To transcend means to "go beyond," and human beings do this everyday.

6. Powers of Collective Thought
When/if we get a half a million members strong, I'll show you the amazing power harnessed by wave structure collective thought meditation. Because you'll be part of it! We could all do this while sitting at home. Just a matter of timing and focus point. Hmmmmmmmmm... 500,000 souls focusing on the exact same mental process procedure at the exact same time? You must be just a little curious.

7. No Donations?
If bandwidth gets heavy we might eventually consider a donation gig, but nothing earth shattering, and every penny accounted for. Would prefer to do that over having advertisers. Keep in mind, this would be only if we get upwards of 500,000 page impressions a month.

8. Heaven and Hell
We got that! :) It's just more on a molecular, cosmic karmic kinna scale. If you're a bad person, your Chi/wave energy will be directed downward for lower life forms. Imagine waking up in say a maggot's body day after week after year. Over and over again, living the cycle of a fly to maggot, but still experiencing your prior human consciousness and memory. That my friends, would be your Hell.

If you're a kind person, that Chi get's elevated to more complex lifeforms, maybe in the next Galaxy!

8. Sermons and Preaching
Our version of this would be "Exchanging and Teaching". We exchange ideas and teach one another with a focus on ending world problems and evolving as a species.

9. Sunday Sunday
That'd be nice. We like the idea of people connecting once a week. Singing, debating, bake sales, charity drives, discussing issues about our communities and children. Except without that whole mind control aspect. :)

10. Church Hierarchy
"I and God are One - You are One with God - You and Me are Two, now God is One as We." -- Grand PooBah

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