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Did Man Evolve from a Creator Created by Evolution Resulting in Evolutionary Creation?
( If Man was Created in his own Image - Is it not Man doing the Creating? Or, is there another image of Man?)

If thou knowest thine own self, thou knowest God.-  Ibn-Al-Arabi - Muslim mystic and philosopher. Greetings earth peeps! Welcome to the Church of Critical Thought. See, we can be as confusing as any of those "big time" organized religions!

So, the ongoing debate about who or what created ya getting to the breaking point? Does it bother you that yet again our little speck of a planet seems purged on war and self destruction? Alas, and still of course, the roots that fester all this glorious inner species division and primitive tribal warfare is... Fundamentalist Religious Ideology?!?!

"My God is Better then Your God!" "Naw Ah! There is no God except Allah!" "Ah Huh, My God and his kid are the 'one' true Supreme Being!" "Yeah so, but I get 72 Virgins for giving my faith the ultimate sacrafice!" And on, and on and on... (Hey fellas, um, according to your own traditions, it's the same frickin God!)

And so the Crusades keep going and going. Needless killing of thousands upon thousands of innocent "collaterally damaged"people - In the name of God!? Sheeesh, somebody change the channel.

I Assume you seek the true orgins and actual creator of Homo-Sapiens? Perhaps the answer to the Missing Link? Seeking solutions to solve problems of humanity? We can do that! And with potential harmony no less! This because the creation and evolution warriors are actually Both half correct! Hmm, could they possibly meet half way upon the bridge to understanding, perhaps?

Let's just start with a hypothetical scenario, that might even someday, make a good script! A beautiful little story albeit somewhat fairytale in stature, that might just enchant you. (Hey, every religion needs one!)

Shh, Seriously, If you truly have the desire to know your "True Creator", you must first read this short ode, ok? Then I'll reveal to you, the truth about who and what you are, where you came from, and where you might be going.

Twice Upon A Short Time Ago - Far Off in the Way too Distant Future......

Setting and Plot (In case I turn this into a script) :)

Let's say it's 20 years in the future and we have figured out how to manipulate time and space within wormholes (as theorized). This of course allowing the zipping across the galaxies in a matter of moments, fleeting moments.

Geologist's find a serious splintering crack near a super caldron and realize that if we can't patch it, it will blow. (If you're not sure what this would mean for humanity, go here) after the article.

Science claims we can stop this tragic event from occuring but it would take a large amount of an iron and mineral composite mix that is extremely rare on this planet.

We know however, from previous expeditions that a planet on the other side of the Galaxy is chalk full of this precious mineral. We send an expedition team of leading doctors and scientists to this planet so they may figure out the best way to mine the ore, and get if back to earth ASAP. Upon arrival the team takes note of all the strange but primitive creatures that call this planet home.

Among them are several types of bipedal hominids in various stages of development. The head doctor states that we could take the genetic code of the most advanced hominid, splice with ours, culture in a petri dish, transfer to a test tube and Boda - Boom ala Adamu! We then take the DNA/cell structure from oh I dunno, maybe the rib of this fiesty new hybrid and make a female of the species. Perhaps nature might take it from this point onward, huh?

We'd have somewhat intelligent workers that could do the "dirty" work required in the mine. In return for using this new cross breed for our labor intensive purposes, they get a few million years jump start in their evolution, and we'd teach them the rules of creating a modern civilization.

Everybody wins! The idea is relayed back to earth and the team gets a green light to proceed.

--Ponder Break--
So, lets' ask ourselves a few basic questions:

Question 1. With our present technology, could we take our genetic make up, splice with another species to create an entirely new species?

Answer: Yes of course we could! We've come along way even since mapping the human Gnome!

Question 2. With all our shiney funky technology, would this new race see us as all powerful Gods to be worshipped, feared, revered and adored?

Answer: Of course they would! Any primitive non-technological creature in the past or future would bow before us!

If you were sent back in time say a mere 500 years ago with a Colt 45 pistol, a medical bag, Bic lighter and Nike high tops, you'd be seen as a miracle working all mighty Supreme Being! And in fact, that's exactly what you'd be.

I do not believe in immortality of the individual, and I consider ethics to be an exclusively human concern with no superhuman authority behind it. - Albert Einstein Let's also say you had a Helicoptor so you could move around quickly. You'd be seen as the God that comes and goes from the heavens in your flying chariot or piece of the Sun! (Ra)

Ok, we've now established several base camps to get the mines operational. Our new species seems to be doing ok adapting to new found intelligence, but still has those very primitive "survival of the fittest" instincts.

They tend to get greedy and self absorbed. Always raping, pillaging and plundering each other. So typical when splicing a primitive genetic code with a highly advanced gene pool. (Ahhh... The urge to plunder, the intellect to do it efficiently) ... We do our very best to help guide them, but they're a rascally bunch to control alright.

Turns out back on Earth, folks hear of this cool watery planet and a few start to migrate back and forth. Some find these primitive females arousingly attractive thus interspecies breeding eventually takes place. As a result, we keep an on and off sort of presence on this planet for many a millennium, living among them for thousands of years as Absolute Ruling Gods. Our offspring would eventually take the role of Kings and Queens

Whom were actually combinations of Demi-Gods (Half Them - Half Us) and Absolute Gods, (Pure Blood Earthlings).

We keep trying to be good creators, installing principles and laws in which to live by, but all they seem to be interested in is; Wine! Sex! Meat! Sex! Meat Wine! More Wine! Sex! Meat! Ya know, the best of those basic primordial erectus type instincts.

They slowly start coming around eventually performing gracious and sometimes grandiose type gestures to pay homage us. -- (We like it - it's good to be the God) -- They build sprawling cities around magnificent temples baring our names. They sculpt statues and erect monuments in our honor, name the occassional mountain after a favorite God, ya know, typical sheepish slave race idol worship type stuff.

It's all rather touching of course but alas, our time on this planet (which we'll name Htrae) is complete and we must leave this new species (which we'll call, Namuh's) to fend for themselves. It might be tough because they're all still pretty "grunt" "ugh" "huh?" like.


To bestow the importance of kindness "love your neighbor" kind of stuff, It's decided to implant afemale from every growth spectrum with a male embryo of our species. The result of course being a "Demi-God". We'll allow these children to be born among them so they're accepted as such.

When these sons grow up, we'll make contact and explain that they have a purpose in life. A devine mission in which to guide this new species, or "Namuh beings" down a proper path of development installing the core values of kindness, love and acceptance.

We'll let these Demi-Gods (which we'll call Prophets), have access to our technology ala miracles so they'll be taken seriously while spreading our message that love and acceptance equals harmony in society. We'll give our Prophets groovy enticing names such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Zoroaster, Krishna, and say Buddha, just for an example.

Finally, to keep things simple for our new but still very dense minded species, we'll tell our "Prophets" to spread the word of ONE all powerful, all mighty God. Why make their life more confusing, eh?

So, all we can do now is hope that our new species will eventually grow/evolve out of this primitive, aggressive behavior before they ever reach a technical age huh? I mean, could you even imagine?

If say 2000 years from now they have an industrial revolution which as you know, sooner or later, always leads to the discovery of the Atom! bad bad bad news for an underdeveloped humanoid species.

Why, who knows what could happen! It's not like a stupid bunch of sapien wannebes would start building and stockpiling hundreds of Nuclear weapons that could annilate their planet 500 times over, huh? Bahahahaha!

And they certainly wouldn't stockpile weapons of mass destruction for use on each other, huh? Bahahahaha! Bahahahaha!

Oh wait stop! What if they actually wanted to kill and destroy each another, bahaha, in the name of some false God that doesn't even exsist!

Nawwwwww, I could never imagine a fully conscious intellectual technologically advanced species actually doing something like that... Could you?

"Let Us make Man in Our own Image" -- Bible Quote

sumerian version    mayan version

FYI for FAQ regarding Grey Aliens

-- I've had a few "close personal" peeps inquire about the Grey ETs, now famous and thriving in the pseudo-hip pop culture that is the n4mayShun age. Um, yeah, they exsist, pretty much as dipicted. Yeah, they do perform bag tag and release operations including some unpleasant (so I've heard) hiney probing type medical testing.

They're basically biological robot type "worker bee's" that connect directly with a host via telekinetic wave structure. Kind of like, an Internet of thoughts... (All Humans, if we don't self-destruct, will be able to do this someday)... One often hears about Greys being indifferent, uncaring, benevolent. This is true because they're basically the epitome of Biological/Artificial Intelligence. They don't eat, sleep or have radical grey alien sex orgies. (one nevers hears about grey alien genitals, does one)

They run on green gunk flowing through biological channels much like ours. (veins, arteries, etc etc). Should you ever find yourself confronted, fear not. I can feel you thinking, "how the hell would he know that!?!" Hey, I'm the Grand PooBah wizard, remember? Or shux, I could just be making it up to sound all cool and multiversal like. Alas, when all is revealed, remember where you heard it first... :)

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newsSo, with the Understanding of Who and What God is, What's Next for Humanity?
Newsflash! Science confirms we humans are all the same! No more killing in the name of a God that does not exist!

Should you now comprehend your true orgins and physical existence as a species, we can move on with definitive answers as to who/what Created us and why the Prophets were part of your evolution, not creation. If you'd prefer to read "tons" more data that reveals your true orgins, Have At It!

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